Swallows class has a mix of year 4 and 5 children. Our class teacher is Miss Grant and we are supported by both Mrs Whitcher (who teaches us on a Thursday afternoon) and Mrs Blannin. We are a kind and supportive class that never give up and like having fun. We have a bright, colourful but helpful classroom that is full of resources to help us learn.

Our topic this term is Romans, we have already experienced a fun and fascinating trip to the Roman Baths where we learnt about the history of how the Romans lived. We have also been learning about the Roman invasion and how the Romans have helped sculpt our lives today.

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We do PE on a Monday and Wednesday, so far this term we have been practising our rugby skills. We are also looking forward to our many sports clubs, events and tennis lessons. As well as PE we do DT, Music, French, Art, PSHE and Science alongside our daily English and Maths lessons.

Our school council representatives are Neve and Brooke, they take all our wonderful ideas to the school council where we can help make a change to how our school is run. Eddie, Zara, Ollie, James and Archie are our tech leaders, they help us sort any problems and make sure the technology is organised and set up correctly.

When we are well behaved and get on with our work we can earn ourselves the ‘Star of the day’ crown or a wristband. We also gain housepoints for our colour team, we earn these by being kind or doing great work. When we collect 25 housepoints we get a certificate in celebration assembly. Star of the week certificates and leaves are also handed out for outstanding achievements and behaviours throughout the week.

(Written by pupils of Swallows Class)