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We are a mixed year 4 and 5 class of 28 children. Our teacher is Miss Nash and we are supported by both Mrs Whitcher (who teaches us on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon) and Mrs Collins. We pride ourselves on having a supportive classroom environment. We are all very kind and helpful. Within our class we have different monitor jobs that help ensure that our classroom is run efficiently. These are for things such as table leaders, tech team, clean up crew, register monitors and so on. We change who does each job every term so that everyone in the class gets a turn at taking on different responsibilities.

Every Monday we select a new star of the week at random. The star of the week gets to sit on our star of the week table with a friend, which has its own special stationary and cushions! They get to go out first to break and lunch every day along with being our line leader. At the end of the week they get awarded a star of the week certificate, a prize and get to take their star comments home with them. Throughout the year everyone will have one turn on the star of the week table. We are always very excited to find out who is star of the week every Monday morning!

As a class we try to earn marbles to go in our marble jar. We can do this by lining up perfectly, working hard as a class and setting a good example in assembly. When we completely fill the jar up we earn a whole class reward! So far we have earnt a pyjama party and a Christmas film and jumper afternoon!

Our topic is currently Stone Age to Iron Age. We are going to start off by researching the Stone Age before moving onto the Bronze Age and Iron Age after half term. We love finding out lots of the interesting facts. We get set weekly tasks in our Learning Logs to complete at home. These are often based around our topic.

Alongside our daily maths and English lessons, we also do science, French, computing, art, PSHE, R.E and P.E. Several times a week we complete the daily mile where we enjoy challenging ourselves.


(Written by pupils of Swallows Class)