Welcome to Herons class. We are a class of year 2 children taught by Mr Veck four days a week, and Mrs Whitcher one day a week.  We are very lucky to have a brand new classroom which has been transformed into an amazing learning environment, the walls packed with helpful words and information to help us in our work.

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Our teacher Mr Veck loves playing music and is always teaching us through songs. We’ve got songs to help us in our maths, grammar songs, science songs and songs all about our topics which we help to write. When we learn something through a song, we never forget it! We also have lots of puppets who help us out when we are learning about our feelings and how to be kind to each other.

We do lots of different topics in this class and each one is completely different. All of the work we do is linked to our topics, sometimes even our maths is based on our topic! Here are some of the topics we cover in Heron class:

Let it snow, India, Fruit Fiesta, Race Around the World, Giants, Where my Wellies Take me, Fire and Light, Music, Oceans Seas and Pirates.


Herons class on World Book Day