Welcome to Chinchilla class. Luckily, there are only 21 children in the class which makes it easier to concentrate. There are 11 Year 3s and 10 Year 4s. Fortunately, we have lots of teachers, which makes our week fun, such as Mr Marriott, Mrs Abbott, Mr Cook and Miss Wools. We also have Miss Curtis and Mrs Elliott who are our super, amazing, teaching assistants.

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Interestingly, our classroom is in a Victorian building which is big, spacious and bright with access to outside so we can do some of our learning in the playground. Furthermore, the library is right next to us!

You will be happy to know, that everybody in Chinchilla class is fit and healthy as we all do 9 minutes of running every day. However, if it is raining, we get to do ‘Go noodle’, a dance channel, which is fun as well.

Chinchillas are kind, thoughtful and fun but also hardworking. Importantly, we are always ready for an amazingly, spicy challenge such as Maths, English, Science or History. Learning is made easier as we have things around the room to help us if we get stuck.

Every so often, we go on exciting school trips which relate to our topic such as Caerleon in Wales, the Zoo, The Stone Circle (here in Stanton Drew) and Colston Hall in Bristol.

Finally we are a very friendly class, we are very caring and kind and good at listening to each other, especially when we are doing our presentations.

In conclusion, if you would like to find out more, you can visit Chinchillas anytime!

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